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Yellowbrickpath.com review and discount

Editor's Rating:

yellowbrickpath.com review and discount

Description: Poor quality combined with high prices. The site is unusually designed in yellow. I ordered a package from them and they do write good resumes. Nevertheless, the process is a real disaster as you have to do everything through e-mail and wait for hours until you’re answered. Also, they gave me extras I didn’t need at all.

The site connects career coaches and resumes writers with interested job-seekers. They promise to get your resume from the pile of 200 to the pile of 6. The site itself is unusually bright, looks modern and is pleasant to use. They also have a plenty of articles and other information and recommend the books that may be helpful if you’re in the process of seeking an employment. If you’re curious who is writing resumes here, you can check writers’ profiles.


I looked through the numerous testimonials, books, and advertisings trying to find the Prices page. I didn’t find any. Later I realized that they didn’t offer resume writing online, so I had to contact them via phone to ask how to get my resume written. I was informed about the process and the methods of payment.

Order details

To be honest, it was unusual for me to deal with them using email and to do everything manually while the other sites use fast and convenient order forms. I was also ensured that the writers were highly qualified. I only wondered why they didn’t publish all this information on their website so the people could learn more without bothering them every time.

Quality of writing and support

With my writer we had 2 short sessions as my work experience was quite long. Each package you order from them includes the book of the site owner. I’m not sure if I needed this – all I needed was a fresh resume as soon as possible. Here, however, I’ve been waiting for 3 days. As the site does not sell resumes, there’s any support on it. You can only find a phone number or leave a message (it works very, very slow).


I have to admit that they do write good resumes. To my regret, it’s their only advantage. All other things – the process of making an order, the extras I didn’t need, and the necessity to wait for too long – were really unpleasant for me. Next time, I’ll go for the other website which is more convenient,  with lots of positive feedback.


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Yellowbrickpath.com review and discount

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